Sunday, August 31, 2008

History of Pulau Semakau landfill

The landfill was formed by joining P.Semakau to P.Sakeng with rock bunds.Both islands used to be small Malay fishing villages.Most of the villagers were subsistence fishers who made their living off a reef flat. Their wooden houses ( Kelong ) were built on stilts.

One of the oldest residents at P.Semakau continued to live on the island even after the settlers were relocated to the mainland. He eventually moved out as the jetty fell into despair. This was like a modern day condominium enbloc sale episode whereby people were forced to move out of their familar habitats to make way for development. It is a pity that the two sea villages ( Kampong laut ) no longer exist today. We can draw comfort that the public can still have access to the island for birdwatching, fishing and intertidal walks.

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